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  Driver's Guide / Reference - Philippines

Driver's License | Vehicle Registration

Philippine Driver's License

Student Permit | Non-Pro | Professional | Renewal/Lost License Change Name/Address | International License | Violation/Penalties

Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP) MOTORIST
May 2001


Since March 2001, the Land Transportation Office (LTO-NCR), by order of a memorandum circular issued by the LTO-NCR Regional Director, now requires applicants to secure a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) before they can apply/transact for student, non-professional and professional driver's permits and vehicle registration.

This was brought about by Executive Order Number 98 dated April 28, 1999 from the Office of the President directing all government agencies, instrumentalities, local government units, and government-owned or controlled corporations to include the TIN as part of the essential requirements in all applications for a government permit, license, clearance, official paper or document.


Any person who wishes to drive a vehicle needs to get a driver's license and the vehicle must be registered with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). The Student Permit is valid for 12 months while the Professional and Non-Professional licenses are valid for 3 years. Your license expires on your birthday of the 3rd year of issuance. Renewal may be done 3 months before the expiration of the license. You will be issued a Driver's License Receipt (DLR) when you apply for a professional or non-professional license, renew, get a duplicate license and/or request for a change in name and address. This serves as your temporary driver's license and is valid for 60 days. The DLR should be renewed before it lapses or until you get hold of your card type license. Check out the following documents/requirements needed before transacting with the LTO. Do not pay more than the necessary fees. Never deal with fixers at all costs!

Student Permit

  • At least 16 years old
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Knows how to read and write
  • Apply personally with the following: 
    Birth certificate, affidavit of parents' consent, 2 pcs. 1x1 ID photo
    Total fee: P75.00 


  • At least 17 years old
  • Student Permit (1 month from date of issue)
  • Medical Certificate
  • 30 minutes review, Pass written exam
  • Actual road test
  • Picture for ID card type license shall be taken after actual exam and could be in possession after 3 to 6 months.
    Total fee: P180.00


  • At least 18 years old
  • Student Permit (at least 5 months)
  • Non-Professional License (4 months)
  • Medical Certificate
  • Pass written exam (40 out of 60)
  • Pass actual road test
    Total fee: P240.00

Submit old license
    Total fee:   Non-Professional - P180.00, Professional - P240.00

Lost License

  • Affidavit of loss
  • Clearance from Law Enforcement Service of LTO
  • Certificate from Licensing Section of LTO Central 
  • Total fee: Non-Professional - P90.00, Professional - P120.00

Change of Name

  • Personal appearance
  • Sworn statement of reason for change
  • Legal documents to support change of name (e.g. marriage contract)
  • Filled-up form
  • Total fee: Non-Professional - P120.00, Professional - P150.00

Change of Address

  • Submit Original Card
  • Fill application form
  • Total fee: Non-Professional - P120.00, Professional - P150.00

Phil. International Driver's License

  • Original Driver's License
  • 2 photocopies of original license
  • 2 passport-sized colored photos
  • Total fee: P625.00

International License
Filipinos traveling abroad may apply for an international driver's license if they plan to drive a vehicle in a foreign country. The Philippine International Driver's License is issued by the Philippine Motor Association. Acquiring the license comes with membership renewable every year.
If you are a foreigner
Tourists or transients with valid driver's license from their country may be allowed to drive not exceeding 90 days of their stay in the country. Beyond that, they are required to secure a non-professional driver's license at any LTO Office. The applicant must bring the original license and two photocopies. If the contents are not written in English, a translation should be secured from their respective embassy. If the foreign license is expired, the applicant will undergo a written exam and the actual road test.

Traffic Violation Tickets

  • Temporary Operator’s Permit – valid 72 hours
  • Traffic Violation Receipt – valid 7 days

Penal Provisions

*Violation and penalties under Department Order 93-693

  • Driving without license – P750 and imprisonment
  • Delinquent, invalid, suspended, revoked license – P300 and / or imprisonment
  • Failure to show, carry, sign license  - P150
  • Driving under the influence of liquor/drugs – P2000 and/or imprisonment
  • Allowing an unlicensed person to drive – P750
  • Use/possession of fake license – P1500 and confiscation (w/o license – disqualification)
  • Allowing another person to use license – P500 and suspension
  • Use/involvement of motor vehicle in committing a crime – P1500 and revocation
  • Student driver not accompanied by a licensed person – P200
  • Reckless driving – 1st Offense P500, 2nd Offense P750 and suspension, 3rd Offense P1000 and revocation
  • Illegal turning, overtaking, parking – P150 each
  • Failure to: give way to emergency vehicles, give turn signal, yield the right of way, dim headlights to oncoming vehicles, notch handbrake/turn off engine of MV when unattended – P150 each
  • Disregarding traffic signs, traffic lights, enforcers and obstruction – P150 each
  • Driving against traffic – P150 (MMDA – P2000, suspension and seminar)
  • Arrogance / Discourtesy - P150
  • Cutting an overtaken vehicle - P150
  • Driving in sleeveless shirt - P100
  • Driving in slippers - P100

Ban on use of cell phones while driving in Metro Manila
(MMDA Regulation No. 97-001, pursuant to Sec. 6 of RA 7924)
Drivers of vehicles caught using cellular phones and/or handset radios while operating/driving a motor vehicle shall be penalized by a fine of P200.00 per offense. Drivers using cellular phones and/or handset radios with hands-free devices are exempted from this regulation.

Handy note to keep in the glove compartment in case some cop stops you and tries to overcharge or apprehend you for non-valid reasons.

Ever been surprised by an apprehending traffic officer with a violation you haven't heard of? Every motorist, at least once in his lifetime has been apprehended by a traffic officer. Sometimes, you are surprised by the apprehending officer with a 'new' or improvised traffic violation, or at times it might be something real that you just haven't heard of. Knowing the violations might save you money and trouble. There are also some instances of wrong apprehensions, like the very popular 'driving without license' violation. Do not by all means allow the apprehending officer to get away with this, when you really have a license but did not bring it, this would only mean a Failure to carry driver's license when operating motor vehicle with a fine of 150 bucks compared to 750 bucks from Driving without license.

Be reminded that when confronting the traffic officer to be calm and polite. Shouting or yelling at the traffic officer will also get you in trouble. There is a violation called 'Arrogance or Discourtesy towards a traffic officer' which will impose a 150 pesos fine on you. Also be reminded to bring along with you your spare tire, as this will also result in a violation with a fine of 150 bucks. Bring along your Early Warning Device or buy one if you don't have one yet. This will save you 100 bucks and another 300 bucks in case your car stalls or if you suddenly need a little roadside repair. Last but not least, please do remember to fasten your safety belts, 300 bucks isn't a joke. And if you don't have one in your vehicle, better get one, coz it wouldn't cost you more than 1,000 bucks. Don't forget that using your mobile phone, be it calling, answering a call, or texting is also a violation of the law unless you have a handsfree kit installed. Texting is still not permitted even with the installation of a handsfree kit since the kit does affect texting.

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Vehicle Registration

| Schedule | Imported Motor Vehicle | Locally Assembled | Renewal/Transfer | Duplicate/Mortgage | Change Motor/Color/Body/RestampingRegistration Rates | Violation Penalties


The date of registration is based on the digits of the license plate issued. The last digit corresponds to the month and the middle digit indicates the weekly dead­line for registration. Motor vehicles must be registered one month before and until the last working day of the weekly deadline.




1 1,2,3  1st


2 4,5,6 2nd


3 7,8 3rd


4 9,0 4th












Recently, the LTO has made it mandatory that all motor vehicles must have an Early Warning Device (EWD) before it can be granted a certificate of registration. Vehicles caught without an EWD will be fined P100.00. Motorists may buy or just make their own EWD's as long as it conforms with the specifications set by the LTO.

Imported Motor Vehicle

  • Original Invoice
  • Certificate of Payment of Taxes (CPT)
  • Confirmation of CPT from Registration Section, LTO Central Office
  • PNP-TMC Clearance  
  • Insurance Certificate of Cover  
  • Actual Inspection of Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)  
  • Early Warning Device (EWD)
Locally Assembled/Rebuilt

  • Confirmation of Dealer's Report from Registration Section, Central Office or Regional Office
  • Original sales invoice/commercial invoice of motor/chassis
  • CR & OR of motor/chassis if taken from another vehicle
  • CPT from Bureau of Customs and Bureau of Inter­nal Revenue for imported motor/chassis
  • PNP-TMC Clearance
  • Insurance Certificate of Cover
  • Affidavit of Rebuilt of Owner/Mechanic
  • Actual Inspection of Motor Vehicle and MVIR
  • Early Warning Device

Renewal of Registration

  • Original copy of Registration Certificate
  • Original copy of current official receipt of payment
  • Insurance Certificate of Cover
  • Actual Inspection of motor Vehicle and MVIR
  • Early Warning Device

 Transfer of Ownership

  • Certificate of Registration (original)
  • Current Official Receipt of payment (original)
  • Original copy of Deed of Sale/Transfer
  • PNP-TMC Clearance
  • Insurance Certificate of Cover
  • Actual Inspection of Motor Vehicle and MVIR
Duplicate Registration Certificate (O.R.)

  • Affidavit of Loss notarized by a lawyer/notary public
  • Clearance from the LTO Law Enforcement Service, C.O./R.O.
  • Actual Inspection of Motor Vehicle and MVIR
Duplicate (replacement) Plates/ Stickers

  • Original copy of Registration Certificate
  • Original copy of current receipt of payment
  • Affidavit of loss
  • Clearance from the LTO Law Enforcement Service - C.O.
  • Actual inspection of Motor Vehicle and MVIR
Annotation of Mortgage

  • Original copy of Registration Certificate
  • Original copy of current receipt of payment
  • Copy of Deed of Chattel Mortgage duly stamped "received" by the Register of Deeds
  • Actual inspection of Motor Vehicle and MVIR
Change of Motor/ Chassis/ Color/ Body Design

  • Original copy of Registration Certificate
  • Original copy of current receipt of payment
  • Certification of Dealer's Report (CDR) with official receipt acknowledging payment of CDR
  • Affidavit of change motor/ Chassis/ color/ body design
  • PNP-TMC Clearance
  • Insurance Certificate of Cover / Endorsement from Insurance company
  • Actual inspection of Motor Vehicle and MVIR
Restamping of Engine/ Chassis Numbers

  • Original copy of Registration Certificate
  • Original copy of current receipt of payment
  • PC recommendation
  • PNP physical investigation report
  • Affidavit of owner and mechanic stating the reasons or need for restamping
  • Investigation Report of the TIFS and/or TDO
  • Approval by the Regional Office

Private Vehicles

Light Medium Heavy

1 to 3 yrs. old

P 1,000.00 P 3,000.00 P 6,000.00

4 to 5 yrs. old

1,000.00 2,400.00 6,000.00

over 5 yrs. old

700.00 1,200.00 2,800.00


Registration Science Tax  

Without Sidecar

P 120.00 P15.00  

With Sidecar

150.00 15.00  


60.00 15.00  

Before you register or renew the registration of your vehicle, the LTO requires you to secure at least a Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance policy. However, you may opt for a more comprehensive insurance policy that can compensate you for property damage, loss, own damage or a comprehensive policy that cover all liabilities.

Violation and Penalties

  • Unregistered, invalid, delinquent registration - P900.00
  • Substitute engine, color or body - P500.00 and/or impoundment of motor vehicle
  • Failure to carry documents - P150.00
  • Suspended, revoked registration - P450.00
  • Tampering of OR/ CR/ CPC & other documents - P1,000
  • Dirty, loose, uncared for plates - P150.00
  • Fake Number Plates/ Stickers /Tags - P1,000
  • Illegal transfer of Plates/ Stickers/ Tags - P7,500 and 1 mo. suspension of D.L.
  • Improperly displayed plates - P200
  • No plate (front or rear)/ plate lights - P150
  • Tampered or marked Plates/ Stickers - P300
  • Unauthorized For-Hire plates on Private MV - P1,500
  • Unauthorized Improvised Plates - P150
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