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  OUTLAST Batteries: Maintenance Free

OUTLAST  Maintenance-Free Batteries

Outlast - Start Agad! The battery that you have never experienced before is now here!

Outlast EXCEED batteries are packed with power and superb features not seen on other batteries. It utilizes special mixed alloy to boost power and high quality insulator from Japan to safeguard and extend battery life. Experience the future of battery technology today.

Outlast EXCEED is highly recommended for cars, trucks, AUV's and SUV's diesel or gasoline fed with higher engine displacements.

EXCEED Maintenance-Free
15 mos. warranty

High Reserve Capacity with Power Sensor [Magic Eye]

JIS Size

Dimension [mm]
Length x Width x Height


Retail Price



1.6 to 2.0 Liter Engines;
AUVs, Vans, Pick-ups
SUVs, AUVs, Pick-ups


N50 [R]
260x171x228 5,200.00
N70 [R]
304x171x228 6,500.00
*[R] - Available on Reverse Polarity


Pure Calcium Lead - Maintenance-Free
The Ultimate Choice -  Available in 15 months battery warranty

  • Every Outlast battery has longer warranty than any other brand because it is made of 100% high grade imported materials, locally assembled but quality controlled by our expert Battery technicians.
  • It has high amperes due to more plates.
  • Pure calcium lead (not recycled), Japan fiberglass separator
  • Reinforced with tough and durable rib cage plastic container.
  • It is available in Maintenance Free 15 and 12 months full warranty.

15 Months Warranty
Maintenance Free


Length Width Height

Battery Replacement


Outlast NS40
NS40 (S)





1.3 to 1.5 Liter Engines

P 4,350.00

Outlast N40
N40 / 1SNF

83 235 135 226
1.3 to 1.5 Liter Engines


Outlast N50
N50 / 2SMF (R)

106 261 170 220
1.6 to 2.0 Liter Engines;
AUVs, Vans, Pick-ups

N70 / 3SMF (R)
153 306 170 230
SUVs, AUVs, Pick-ups,
Vans, Jeepneys, Trucks


SPECIAL TYPES            
DIN88 206 350 175 190   7,150.00
DIN 55           5,060.00
DIN 66           6,820.00

OUTLAST - Premium  Maintenance-Free 12 mos. warranty

12 Months

Type Length x Width x Height [mm] Suggested
Retail Price
NS40 235 x 135 x 226 P 3,300.00
NS50 (R) 261 x 170 x 220 3,800.00
NS70 (R) 306 x 170 x 230 4,950.00

Note: (S) Small Post available; (R) Reverse Polarity available

  • OUTLAST RESERVE MINUTE CAPACITY ... Outlast Battery has increased reserve minute capacity. In case of sudden breakdown of your alternator, Outlast battery will give you extra power so that you can continuously drive to help reach your destination.
  • Note: If your car's make or model is not on the car reference guide, just call our hotline 725-9005. OUTLAST has batteries for all types of vehicles -- cars, jeeps, pick-ups, vans, suv's, auv's, trucks, buses, heavy equipment, motorboats, yachts, motorcycles, even rechargeable lamps, UPS, etc.
  • Prices are inclusive of 12% VAT and subject to change without prior notice.

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